Feb 23, 2007

Words of wisdom from the blogosphere

I'm glad you "publicized" the results of Mr. Boots's test. If there were any doubts left in anyone's mind (and there probably weren't but you never know), everyone now knows that you did what was best for him, without question. And sometimes it helps other people to make difficult decisions like that, knowing that they aren't the only ones to face it. Tragedies like what you just went through bring people together in a way that no other experience can. People do move on but they all learned or grew or whatever you want to call it, and the bond they shared with you will never diminish. It's human nature to be consumed by one's own life, but Mr. Boots pulled us all away from ourselves and showed us one of the important things in life - caring about others, whether human or critter. That's a good thing, and something we all need to be reminded of. I think it took great courage to put yourself and your fears and tears out there, but the troops rallied and, although the ending was ultimately a sad one, much was accomplished. It's rare to see such tremendous support offered, and we all benefited from our brief exposure to Mr. Boots and his trials.…

Feb 18, 2007

It wasn't the glass

We all had been concerned that Mr Boots had gotten into a piece of glass in the whole fracaso of Susie's getting into the glass cabinet. But, no, it was cancer. Phyllis wrote today:

Mr. Boots had squamous (sp) cell carcinoma, stage 4, very aggressive. Dan didn't get report back until Friday. I debated about putting this out but decided you folks would want to know.

Lee said: Thank you, Phyllis, for sharing this sad and hard news. I hope that it helps you know you did the very best you could and made the right decision. That Susie busted into all the glass confused things and paradoxically perhaps brought Mr Boot's distress to your attention.

Mr Boots will live on in print!

Barb B wrote this afternoon:


You may cheer at any appropriate moment!

I got a letter today from Presbyterians Today. They want to publish Mr. Boots! I need to update my article to include Mr. Boots' death. (We're famous. They'd heard about it.) And I need some pics.

Could someone repost the URL for the Mr. Boots Blog? All the good pics are there.

Thanks, and Wahoo!

So this blogger reposted the URL, but some good TCPers sent Barb the relevant posts. Barb has written a story of this whole saga, 'The Salvation of Mr Boots.' When it appears in print, we will post it here.

Feb 14, 2007

from Phyllis to everyone

Dear friends,

What a sense of community we have here. I am so grateful for it. From the beginning of the saga, so many folks wanted to help and in many ways did help. I won't even attempt to list everyone involved because I am sure I would leave someone out. Besides, I have no idea who sent money for the fund. But I do appreciate and love you all.

I do want to thank the folks who worked on the blog. I got that printed out and have a memory I can read when tears aren't quite so close to the surface.

Changing the subject a bit, Ron from the humane society came today and got my check for the cremation. He also took all of Mr. Boots things to use at the humane society or put in their resale shop. Tomorrow he will bring the ashes back to me. I ordered a cute urn that has kitties all over it that I found online. I hope it is as cute when I lay my eyes on it.

After paying for the cremation, I had $125 left here that people have sent me. I went in to settle up with Dan. He charged me $118 and did not give me an itemized bill. Either he was shook up or he chose not to charge for the lab, surgery, and feeding tube. I feel I need to get that clarified which I will do when he calls me with lab results.

He showed me the stack of cards he has received and shook his head in amazement. It is beyond his comprehension that he is getting cards from all over the country regarding a cat these people have never met. He kept saying over and over "I wish it could have been different". Well, so do I.


Feb 12, 2007

Words of Wisdom

Cliff wrote words that speak to all of us who knew Mr Boots and who have been touched by the life of a cat.

I think a loving community of believers is oh so important. I think Mr Boots was a gift from Wiley to all of us in TCP and quite possibly people we don't even know. The story of Mr Boots will appear in our monthly newsletter, The Hearth, in February. Just where the influence Wiley had on us will end is somewhere the other side of eternity. All that we have is a gift from God. I look at my surroundings and am so grateful for the stewardship God has given me over these gifts. I don't own them and they are not mine to keep. Death on this planet frequently increases this loving community and that is as it should be. Yes it is painful but there is great peace at the bridge. I'm sure Wiley is grateful to have Mr Boots back in her lap. Mr Boots job is done and he has gone home. I'm also sure that Wiley has no choice but to share her gifts with all the other critters that God has sent us. Sir Toby will wait for me and is in good care.

I get very quiet when I have to return a gift from God but I understand the reasons why it has to be that way.


Feb 10, 2007

Another letter to Dr Dan

Dear Dr. Dan,

I am sitting at my computer feeling sad that Mr. Boots has left us, yet I can't help feeling that I have been part of something holy. From the moment that we of The Cats Pajamas learned that Mr. Boots was going to be put down following the death of his "mom" Wylie Smith, our group went into action to rescue him. From Betty's and Phyllis's long drives to bring him to Phyllis's home, to Phyllis's love and care for him, to the money and prayers and encouragement that the rest of us gave, to your extraordinary care of Mr. Boots, it has been quite an emotional ride, one mostly of love and hope. Now we are picturing Wylie greeting her beloved Mr. Boots at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you, Dr. Dan, for going above and beyond your call to try and save Mr. Boots and for then gently helping him home. You have been a blessing to Mr. Boots and to all of us who have loved him.


Mr Boots 3/1/90-2/10/07

Phyllis wrote at 5.03 EST:

When Dan saw him this afternoon, he couldn't believe how much further he had gone down since yesterday. Kathy came over before we took him to Dan and she said he was actually in the process of dying so we just helped the process along.

I like to think there is a reunion happening between Wylie and Mr. Boots. What a wonderful kitty he was. I feel privileged to have been with him for this short period of time. He gave me so much love and I tried to give it back to him.


Phyllis gave him tons of love.

May Mr Boots rest in peace and rise in glory.
May his reunion with Wylie be fabulous.

May the two of them know that we all did our best and that Phyllis is a living angel.

The blogger here can't post much. It's too hard to see through tears.